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Planning an event can be hectic, especially if it’s the first time you’re setting one up. No matter how good the events’ host nor expensive is the event, it may all come crashing down if the stage isn’t appealing to the audience. Any party’s success is in the details, and that’s why it’s essential to contract a reputable stage hire Sydney company to plan and decorate your podium. 

Remember, staging is not just about making a space look good: it’s the packaging and the details that matter! Be sure not to leave your portable stage hire to amateurs. Stage rental services are quite many but what matters is how to find quality stage hire Sydney. 

Here are some factors to consider when planning to stage hire.


Whenever you plan for an event, it’s best to have a budget. Knowing what you hope to spend, be it for the indoor, outdoor stage hire or even a festival stage hire, can guide you on the companies to contact. You can also call them before creating a budget to have an idea of what a stage rental entails. 

The value of the stage depends on what kind of scene you desire to have. It depends on the accessories, size of the venue, and the workforce needed to set it up. Do your research and not just on the physical aspect but also the labor required to set up the stage. 

If you want to get a good stage hiring company, invest your time in finding one. Visit them in person during one of their project stagings and look for clues indicating what kind of service they offer. A good team should treat your event as one worth of focus. Additionally, they should also have good social skills given they will interact with important guests on the stage. 

Typically, as much as cost is an essential factor to consider, don’t sacrifice quality for money. The price may be low, but the value may not be so good. Do your homework well and invest in a stage hire that will make the event memorable to you and your guests. 


Think about the unexpected things that can happen: a power outage, a blizzard, or rain. Your stage rental company should have solutions for such scenarios. They should have a backup plan such as a generator in case there is a power outage. 

Most companies will provide you with the best services, but few remember to plan for the worst-case scenarios. Be sure to choose one with backup plans and one that can quickly adapt to the circumstances. 

Note that the earlier you begin planning and setting up the stage, the easier it will be to anticipate or notice these kinds of problems. 

The Stage Style You Desire

In addition, there are different types of stage setups on the market. Stage stylists should work with any space, no matter how big or small the event is. It all depends on their coordination skills and creativity. 

Talk to your designer about the kind of stage you desire and go through their catalogue for the different stages they have set up. That will give you a clue on whether they’re worth your time or not. If you’re looking for a sophisticated setting, be sure that the hired stage company can deliver. 

The stage should always match the venue’s theme, and it should also be attractive and unique to get the audiences’ attention. 


Lighting is a significant aspect of a good stage, especially if the party is to be held in the evening. It’s one of the emerging trends in almost all concert stage hire and events. Invest in a stage rental company that can provide unique and well-planned lighting systems to make the event special.

The Height of Your Stage

Whether you’re hiring a stage or not, you have to consider how high your platform should be.

You may not need a high or grand stage for a small event; a portable stage hire option may work just fine. For events and festivals with high traffic, you should consider a stage with more room to avoid collisions. For example, if you hire a fashion show ramp, you might need lots of space to give the models room for walking. This would help prevent colliding or fear of falling off the stage. 

If your stage’s height is high, consider highlighting where it begins and ends to avoid people falling off, especially if it’s in the dark. You can apply vibrant tape on the edges or anything visible to mark the podium boundaries. 


Setting up a stage can be overwhelming, and sometimes too much focus may be on the podium, forgetting other important things like safety. 

It would be best to think of your artists’ and guests’ safety while on the stage. Don’t heavily focus on your audience and forget the people who will be up there. A small accident on stage, such as a falling speaker that hits and injures a guest, can result in a costly lawsuit.

Find a team that has had experience setting up a stage for a while, and that way, they may not overlook safety guidelines since they know the repercussions. Some of the safety tips include:

  • Stacking heavy objects where they cannot fall or topple
  • Hanging features firmly on the stage’s roof
  • Ensuring all the sound and lighting fixtures are well-placed to prevent them from falling off the stage
  • Keeping fire-prone materials away from light to avoid a fire hazard

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If you’re looking for a memorable event that will remain in the minds of guests and let you connect with them on a personal level, then Truck Stage Hire is your go-to place!

As experienced event planners in Sydney, we understand that events are no longer just a simple affair. Our staging products and services are unique and safe. Not only to this, our passionate team gives their best to every client that knocks on our doors. Our technicians are enthusiastic and experienced in creating spectacular events. You can be guaranteed peace of mind when you let us handle your stage hire set up.

Truck Stage Hire stages are perfect for any event in Sydney, no matter the complexity. We have the experts to guide you in any situation, and we’re highly flexible in case unexpected changes arise during the set up. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for any stage rental assistance!

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