This Ultimate UV Party Package hire includes:

– 4 x high efficiency UV lights

Our ultimate UV party package hire is perfect for any glow in the dark party. When hiring these UV party lights, you get everyone off their feet. They will certainly bring a smile to everyone’s face. Therefore, our UV party lights hire is great for events in the entertainment industry and parties too. They are great for adult parties who are after a nightclub feel; as for the kids, these UV party lights create the ultimate disco party. So, you cannot go wrong with our UV light hire Sydney package. Enquire now!

How it works

Our UV black lights are most effective in dark rooms. This is because these lights transmit ultraviolet rays which illuminate in dark areas. As a result, any white or bright colour that is under these lights glow. So, if you are after party lights that are luminous and fluorescent, look no further! Our UV light hire Sydney package is the perfect solution.

In addition, the benefit of this package is that there are 4 of these lights! Due to this, you are effectively able to create a show stopping dance party at home. By having these four UV party lights, you can put them along every wall or corner in a room. Thus, no matter where your guests are in the room, they are immersed into another world: a world of fun, dance, and excitement. So, whether it is in your room or garage, this ultimate UV party package hire is perfect. 

Wanting to see more?

Now that you have your uv light hire Sydney covered, you need sound too. But, you are not sure where to go. Rest assured, Truck Stage Hire has all your party sound and UV party lights hire covered. We have a range of sound equipment for hire including microphones, speakers, PA systems and more. To see more of our light and sound rentals, press here. Alternatively, you can head to our contact details page about this UV light hire Sydney.


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