Truss Cover 5.5mx4.5m Hire

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Truss Cover 5.5mx4.5m Hire

Further details about our truss covers and price:
  • Truss price only includes the truss and roof cover
  • For back and side mesh covers, they are $150 per side
  • Suitable for a 4.8mx3.6m outdoor stage
  • Height of truss: 3m from ground
  • Price is for pegged on ground. Price for hard surfaces (with weights) from $192 to $480 on top of advertised price. 
  • Stage height can be maximum 60cm.

Our truss cover 5.5mx4.5m hire is the perfect cover for a small to medium stage. More specifically, this truss cover for hire is most suited to our 4.8mx3.6m outdoor stage. The truss cover provides multiple benefits including shade, safety, and stage set up for your event. If you are wanting your stage to stand out, Truck Stage Hire’s stage rental services are perfect for you. 

This truss cover has a variety of benefits to make an event run smoothly. The main benefit of hiring a truss cover for a stage is the shade it covers. With a sturdy roof, you can know that your shade cover is durable and can safely protect your performers. In addition, it provides protection for all kinds of weather conditions. Whether it is for an extremely hot day or windy one, the truss is a great way to prevent your performers from exhaustion. This will ensure that your performers and attendees are in their best shape to shine. Thus, this staging accessory rental Sydney is a must have.

Furthermore, the truss cover 5.5mx4.5m provides other benefits too. With its aluminium alloy design, the truss can safely hold your lighting design. This truss cover enables stage lighting to occur seamlessly. This is because the stage lighting can be set up across the truss. Thereby, this truss cover is a perfect edition for your festival hire Sydney – and corporate or community events too! 

Wanting some extra cover?

At Truck Stage Hire, we understand that you may need more coverage for your performers. Due to this, we have a range of side and back covers too. For an additional cost, you can rent out these mesh covers. To enquire about our truss cover rental services, speak to our team or fill out the enquiry booking form below.


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