Truss Cover 3.5mx3.5m Hire

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Truss Cover 3.5mx3.5m Hire


Further details about our truss covers and price:
  • Truss price only includes the truss and roof cover
  • For back and side mesh covers, they are $75 per side
  • Suitable for a 2.4mx2.4m outdoor stage
  • Height of truss: 3m from ground
  • Price is for pegged on ground. Price for hard surfaces (with weights) from $192 to $480 on top of advertised price. 
  • Stage height can be maximum 60cm.

This truss cover 3.5mx3.5m hire is perfect for our 2.4mx2.4m outdoor stage! If you were wanting to pack a punch with your entertainment, this is certainly the way to go! With the benefits of shelter and lighting design, this is the perfect way to elevate your stage space. From a music festival, competition or corporate event, this truss cover is wonderful for it all! So, enquire with our team of experts about truss cover rental options today – this is an outdoor stage cover option that you do not want to miss out on.

At Truck Stage hire, we understand that Australia’s weather conditions are uncontrollable. Due to this, you can have the best of both worlds: you have your amazing outdoor event while allowing your performers to be protected. With the sturdy roof that this truss cover provides, it is a plausible option for anytime of the year . Sturdy, durable, and strong, this truss is the best way to make your event sun-safe. 

Other than safety benefits, this truss cover has practical functions too. The truss is a great way to seamlessly add lighting design to your entertainment. Whether it is for an LED light or other lighting fixtures, the truss cover can hold it all. Due to this, the truss cover is an affordable, practical option as it serves multiple functions. When hiring this out, you can know that both your performers and their equipment are protected from the sun’s rays. So, enquire now about this 3.5mx3.5m truss cover. 

Wanting some extra cover?

At Truck Stage Hire, we understand that further cover may be needed for your event. Due to this, we offer side and back covers well for an additional cost.* If you were after more shade options for outdoor stages, click here


*The cost is $75+GST per side cover.

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