Truck Stage with LED Screen and Sound Hire

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What is included in this package deal?

Included in the truck stage with LED Screen and sound hire are the following products-

  • Truck stage 9mx7m with cover
  • LED Screen 5.1mx2.56m
  • Sound – general PA system (suitable for about 500-700 people).*

*The price is just an estimate and varies with your specific sound requirements for the event.

About this product:

This truck stage with LED screen and sound hire is a fantastic offer. With it including visual, sound and staging hire, it has all your entertainment equipment needs covered! No need to look elsewhere, as this package is an all-inclusive event staging product hire. This is a concert stage hire which does not compromise on price! This package would be suitable to any event that has a large-huge crowd attending. So, enquire now about this portable stage hire Sydney package. 

Included in this package is a 9mx7m truck stage. This is an appropriate option for event planners and hosts who are looking for a quick and easy stage setup. It’s incredibly fast to set up, since the stage is built into the truck. The truck also has the added benefit of a shaded cover. These features make your life as a host simply effortless! So, this is a fantastic concert stage hire choice. When renting out this package, you can know that this is a fantastic offer on the market.

The ease which this package provides does not stop there. Since the package includes an LED screen, you can display images too! Whether it be a cool pattern, advertising the event sponsors, or videos, the LED screen can display it all – the choice is all yours! Because of this, the screen is a perfect way to push your events aims, themes or intentions. Above all, the properties of the LED screen means that the images will shine! The colour range that the LED lights have draws the attendees eyes to the screen. Your event will be one for the history books! 

In addition, the PA system which is included in this package will ensure that your compere or performers have their sound covered. The best part about this is that we can cater the sound equipment to your needs.* We can provide a sounding system which is exactly what you are after! Therefore, Truck Stage Hire is the place to go for all your entertainment equipment needs. We provide amazing portable stage hire Sydney packages. This is a fantastic package for those who are after an all-inclusive concert stage hire bundle. Our team is here and ready to help, so enquire now by giving us a call or filling out the booking request form below. For more information about our other concert stage hire products, press here.

*Price may change depending on the sound requirements for your event.

1 review for Truck Stage with LED Screen and Sound Hire

  1. Laura

    Fantastic package! Process was fast and easy. Highly recommend.

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