Truck Stage Hire (Stage Only)

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Truck Stage Hire (Stage only)

The price of truck stage hire (stage only) includes two sets of stairs and skirting.

Our mobile stage hire Sydney ensures that you get the most out of your rental. With the truck’s portability, it is the fastest and simplest stage set up in the industry. As a host or event organiser, the portable stage is the best option for you. These are fantastic for outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, or community events – or any public event which has live entertainment. Therefore, enquire about our mobile stage hire Sydney today for your next event.

If you have an event which needs a quick installation and pack up process, this is the perfect hiring option! Since the mobile stage hire is built into the truck, the delivery will be as easy as pie. The truck has the hydraulic tools and technology to ensure that your stage rental is as efficient as possible. In addition, we can have a team there as well to ensure that the set up is professional and runs without delay. Above all, the stage’s construction means that it provides shaded cover too. Because of this, the mobile stage hire is perfect for any time of year. Therefore, our mobile stage hire Sydney is a product which you can rely on. 

Our unbeatable prices are reflected in what comes with our portable stage hire. As a company, Truck Stage Hire understands the high volume of work that goes into staging design and planning. Because of this, we want to make your life easier by including accessories in the advertised price; the accessories which come with the mobile stage hire are two sets of stairs and skirting. These additions will ensure that safety and the aesthetic cohesion of the stage are accounted for. Thus, we provide a mobile stage hire service which is comprehensive and stress free. Our team will guide you through every step of the process. So, enquire with our team about our mobile stage hire Sydney today.

1 review for Truck Stage Hire (Stage Only)

  1. Siv

    Great stage hire service, highly recommended

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