Stage Skirting Hire

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Stage Skirting Hire


Black Skirting each 2.4m

About our stage skirting

Our stage skirting hire is a small but crucial element to your event staging hire Sydney experience. This stage decoration completes the whole stage! With its black colour, this skirting will make the stand look uniform, cohesive, and polished. Priced competitively, this stage skirting is a fantastic aesthetic product for your stage. So, enquire now about our skirting for staging hire Sydney before it sells out! You certainly do not want to miss out on this skirting.

Since our skirts come in a black colour, they are designed to specifically suit our stage blocks. Because of this, they perfectly match our stages. In addition, the black colours look sleek and can suit any design theme. Whether it is for an indoor or outdoor stage, this skirting is an appropriate stage decoration. When hiring out this product, your stage looks professionally excellent. This is because the skirting covers all of the structural posts required for the stage. When looking at it in this way, this skirting is a must have for your next function! 

In addition, the stage skirting is made from premium quality fabric. The fabric looks luxurious, since it has great draping properties. In addition, the durability of the fabric makes this skirting durable. This skirting is designed specifically to be used on stages. Thus, this skirting suits any event where there is a lot of backstage traffic. Best of all, it does not compromise on style with it being a more lustrous fabric. Moreover, the skirting is easy to install as well. With it having a velcro backing which attaches to our stages, it makes the process so easy! So they are a perfect addition to your staging hire Sydney. 

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    Happy with the hire service.

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