Stage Lighting Pack 2 Hire

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Stage Lighting Pack 2 Hire

Stage Lighting Pack 2 hire Includes:

8 x PAR Can LED Lights
1 x DMX 192 Controller
2 x Lighting Stand

Our second stage lighting package for hire is best for those who want spectacular lights. This would be highly suited to stages that have lighting as their priority. For instance, this is appropriate for dance concerts, music performances, award ceremonies, and presentations. In addition, this package also suits cocktails parties, big birthday bashes, receptions and more. So, this is perfect for an event occurring during the night or in a theatre. It is fantastic way to introduce bright lights in darker spaces. If you are looking for a show-stopping light hire, this stage lighting pack 2 is the one for you. So enquire about this lighting hire package now! 

With eight PAR can LED lights, this package provides the ultimate stage lighting experience. These PAR can LED lights leave audiences in awe. They are bright, luminous, and visually appealing. These lights direct anyone’s eyes to the stage, so everyone knows where the entertainment is. In addition, we provide lighting stands to create different lighting effects. Since these can be used for most lights, your stage’s set-up is dynamic. In short, these lighting hire choices provide a wow-factor! 

Moreover, to bring these lights together seamlessly, we have included a DMX controller. This controller controls 12 fixtures, which has 16 channels in each. Due to this, the DMX controller is a fantastic lighting controller option. This product is very popular in the industry. Thus, making this a great addition to your lighting hire. Therefore, this is an amazing stage lighting package rental. It provides the ultimate lighting experience that is the best in the business. For more information about our other sound and lighting hire, click here.

Needing a stage?

As a company, Truck Stage Hire has all your entertainment equipment rentals covered. We have collections of products to choose from including our stages and LED screens. Moreover, if you have further event needs, we have a range of network partners too. So, speak with our team about all your event needs. We aim to provide a service that is seamless, organised, and professional.

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