Side Steps (5 Steps) Hire

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Side Steps (5 steps) Hire

These side steps (5 steps) hire are highly suited to larger stages which are between 0.6m to 1m high. These are a great staging accessory for events that require an elevated stage. For instance, these stairs would suit functions including concerts, festivals, and large ceremonies. This is a great addition to our event staging. So enquire now, as this is a staging accessory which you will need.

This side steps (5 steps) hire is highly important to making sure your attendees are safe. With having these steps as an entry and exit point, this accessory will prevent injuries and accidents. By having the stairs, attendees can safely walk on stage – no need to worry about falls or trips. Thus, this is a must have accessory for event staging. In addition, this is especially important for stages which are high off the ground. Since these stairs are designed for high stages, they are a practical staging accessory. With their combination of function and safety benefits, these side steps (5 steps) are a must! Therefore, enquire now with the team about our event staging Sydney accessories. 

As a company, we understand that event schedules are crucial to the success of an event. Because of this, we hire out these stairs to take the pressure off of you. All while ensuring that your event equipment is at the highest standard. Thus, when hiring out this side step, you can feel relief knowing that your event runs with ease. By having these stairs, you can create an entry and exit point for your stage. This is appropriate for events where there is a lot of traffic on stage. Moreover, this would be perfect for award ceremonies or concerts. These are a great option to create a seamlessly professional function. Thus, these stairs are a fantastic way to complete your entertainment equipment. When hiring with us, we provide a range of event staging Sydney services which are of a high standard. Enquire now by clicking here.

1 review for Side Steps (5 Steps) Hire

  1. Susan

    Strong and study, exactly what we needed with stage hire.

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