TSH3500 Hire

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TSH3500 Hire

Features and Dimensions:

  • 3 sides of screens: 2 side screens are 4800mm x 2400mm. The back screen is 1920mm x 1150mm
  • Size of Truck: 7m x 2.2m x 4m
  • Includes a generator and PA sound on the truck

If you are after the ultimate portable display screen hire option, this is the one for you. The TSH3500  hire displays multiple messages on screens all at once. Since it has 3 sides of screens, this is a very versatile screen hire Sydney product; the two side screens are 4800mmx2400mm, with the back screen size being 1920mmx1150mm. Because of its adaptability, it is appropriate for any event where advertising or communicating a message is a priority. For instance, the truck would suit public large-scaled events, advertising sponsors or campaigns. Therefore, the TSH3500 is one of the best screen hire Sydney available for rent. Enquire now with our experienced team today before it is rented out!

One of the strongest features of the TSH3500 is its ability to support the LED display screens. Constructed into the truck is both a generator and PA sound system which can be used for all the screens. Because of this construction, it makes your life easy as a host. By hiring this out, you won’t need to worry about power outages or issues. In addition, the screen’s height can be adjusted up to 3 meters. Therefore, they are great for highly populated areas where a lot of traffic flow occurs. Since it has multiple screens that are adjustable, it can reach audiences at an exponentially high rate. Therefore, it is an effective advertising screen. 

The TSH3500 is user friendly

This screen hire Sydney considers its users too! It has multiple video processors which allow for inputs and outputs of videos, image, and text. With this variety, it eases your stress since you can connect multiple types of devices to the screens. This also broadens the scope of how it can be used. Thereby, it is tailorable to your event requirements and demands. For instance, it connects to sources including TV, social media, the internet, DVD, and presentations. Its versatility does not stop there. The HDMI and SDI interface also connects the screens to live camera footage. Thus, this TSH3500 has many uses and can suit any event. So, speak with the team today by giving us a call, email, or filling out the booking request form. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out more about how to contact us. To discover more of our screen hire Sydney collection, click here.

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  1. Sam

    Helpful team, the hire process went smoothly.

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