Kids Disco Party Package Hire

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Kids disco party package hire includes:

– Razor Tri effects light x 1

– PAR CAN light x 1

– Small Fog machine x 1


This kids disco party package hire is the best way to get any party started! If you were wanting to give your kids an unbelievably exciting and memorable celebration, this is the package for you. So, whether it be for a kids birthday party, or a school holiday fun event, this disco party hire Sydney package is appropriate. Even better, this would be perfect for a school or community disco too! Your children, their friends, or your students will be grinning from ear to ear with this disco party hire Sydney package. Thus, contact the team about hiring this for your next kids event. 

This kids disco party package adds a lot of spectacular lighting to any themed event. In terms of lighting, we have two types which are included in this package: 1 x razor tri effects light and 1 x PAR can light. By having the razor tri effect lighting, the room will dazzle in colours. If you were wanting to transport your child into a disco wonderland, this package is perfect! In addition, the PAR can light creates a bright, fun, and warming atmosphere. Since these PAR can lights are used by professionals, you can count on this to add the wow factor to your disco party. Thus, this disco party hire Sydney package is great for children. 

Better yet, this disco party hire Sydney package has more to offer. Included in this package is also a smoke machine. Suitable for the little ones and big ones too, this smoke machine will get all the kids up and dancing. In addition, this smoke machine even wows the adults too! So, it is a fantastic way to add laughter and joy to a disco party. The smoke machine adds an effect which livens up any disco or dance floor. Therefore, enquire now about our disco party hire Sydney package.


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To contact our lovely team at Truck Stage Hire you can either give us a call or send an email. Alternatively, you can also fill out the booking request form, which can be found below. In addition, you can also head to our light and sound section to see our other packages for parties and more. 

1 review for Kids Disco Party Package Hire

  1. Erica

    My kids enjoyed the party with these lights. Thank you

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