Indoor LED Screen Hire 3.84mx1.92m

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Indoor led screen hire 3.84mx1.92m

Our indoor LED screen hire 3.84mx1.92m is suitable for small to medium sized events. Since it has a generous screen size, it can broadcast messages in a fast fashion. Because of this function, our LED screen hire Sydney has many applications. For instance, this LED display screen would suit local community concerts, award ceremonies, seminars, corporate events, and exhibitions. So long as there is a message to be conveyed, this LED screen rental is suitable. In addition, they are also great for projecting decorative patterns and images too. Thus, contact us about our LED screen hire Sydney today.

This indoor LED screen hire Sydney is practical and visually effective. The high levels of brightness this produces will captivate any audience member or onlooker. This is because any colour projected on the screen illuminates and is eye-catching. Even better, our LED display screens are designed to be indoors. As a result, the brightness adjusts to well-lit areas. Thus, our indoor LED screen hire Sydney produces impeccable visuals without compromising on quality. The P5 pixel pitch also makes the screen viewable at larger distances. So, enquire about this indoor LED screen hire 3.84mx1.92m. To see more of our LED display screens for rent, press here.

Outputs for LED display screen

In terms of which cabling is compatible with our LED screen hire Sydney, there are two options: HDMI and SDI. The HDMI output is best for those who want to transfer image data. For instance, it is suitable for those who want to project PowerPoint presentations, images, recorded videos, and text. Even better, we provide a HDMI cable for you too. Whereas the SDI output is great for transmitting raw data.* So, if you are wanting to broadcast live videos, this output ensures that you can! Since the LED display screen has both options, you can broadcast images, text, and even live reel. As a result, the applications of this LED display screen are endless. The versatility which this screen hire has ensures that you get the most out of your hire. Therefore, enquire with us about our indoor LED screen hire Sydney today.

*We do not supply SDI cabling. To use the SDI output, you would need to bring your own cabling.

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