Indoor LED Screen 2mx2m Hire

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Indoor LED Screen 2mx2m Hire

This LED screen indoor 2mx2m hire is perfect for small to medium events. With its square size, the screen projects images in a clear, even manner. The high quality of these led screen rentals ensure that your images look outstanding! Whether it is for a music video, artistic performance or corporate event, this indoor LED screen rental is very appropriate. With our affordable rental prices of indoor led screens, you do not want to miss out on this offer.

Our indoor LED screen 2mx2m hire are one of the best visual display options in the market. Their visual properties ensure that the images displayed are vivid, strong, and colourful. In particular, the pixel quality of P.39 of this indoor led screen creates a great resolution up close. Due to this, when hiring this screen, there is no compromise: you have a screen which produces clear, sharp images which catches the viewer’s attention. Therefore, enquire now with our team about our indoor led screen rentals. 

In addition, these screens have multiple uses. As they can be used for a diverse amount of purposes, the price of this led screen rental is competitive. For instance, the screens can display anything from advertising, sponsors, images, to live footage, and text. With the array of uses, the possibilities of what our indoor led screens can be used for are endless! Moreover, the affordability does not stop there. Our LED screens for indoor hire are designed with power efficiency. Since the LED screens are energy efficient, you save money on the cost to run it.* So enquire now with the team today about our fabulous led screen rentals.  

Our Delivery Services for indoor LED screen hire

At Truck Stage Hire, we understand the challenges an event organiser or host faces. From organising all the entertainment or event hire to last minute changes on the day, we know how stressful a host’s job is. When hiring with us, you can count on a service which is professionally efficient. This is why we offer delivery to Sydney metropolitan and surrounding regions.** We want to make your life easier and painless! So, speak to our team today about your event demands and we can help. Alternatively, you can click here to see more about our LED screen hire range. 


*This energy efficiency is in comparison to LCD screens.

**Prices for delivery are extra. The price depends upon event timings and location.

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