Aux Speaker Package Hire

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Aux Speaker Package hire includes:

  • 2 x Speakers Titan15D
  • 1 x Wired Mic
  • 1 x Audio Cables

This is suitable to use indoors with about 100 people and outdoors with about 50-70 people.


This aux speaker package hire is great for any event that has a host. For instance, this deal is suitable for club presentations, community events, engagements, weddings, ceremonies, stages, and more. This package has all your speaker hire Sydney needs. From cabling to speakers and microphones, this package considers it all. Thus, speak to the Truck Stage Hire team about this aux speaker package rental. It is a practical option for any event that has entertainment. 

When hiring out this aux speaker package, you can know that your event runs smoothly. This is because the products included in this package consider all your speaker hire Sydney needs. Included in this deal are the following speaker hire products: 2 x 1000W 15D Titan speakers, 2 x aluminium speaker stands, 1 x microphone (wired), cables, and a stereo mixer. Our 15D Titan speakers have a woofer that ensures high outputs. This is because the woof is heavy-duty and has a cast-frame. As a result, any sound projected from this speaker is both accurate and clear. So, if you were after a speaker hire Sydney that is reliable, this is the one for you. Even better, the 15D Titan speakers are light in weight too. Because of this, they can be easily set-up either indoors or outdoors. Thus, this aux speaker hire Sydney package is versatile yet practical. 

Furthermore, this aux speaker package comes with stands that can hold our speakers. Due to this, our package ensures that your sounds can be heard from further distances. In addition, the stereo mixer further brings together sounds from multiple outputs such as music and microphones. By having this feature in the package, your audio and speaker hire needs are covered. So, this package is the ideal speaker hire Sydney option. Therefore, do not hesitate to enquire now.

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1 review for Aux Speaker Package Hire

  1. Murray

    High quality speakers. Highly recommended.

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