Outdoor Stage Covers Hire

Our outdoor stage covers for hire are a practical and important accessory to any stage hire. This is because our stage cover rental helps to ensure that your event goes as planned. When hiring out this outdoor stage cover, you are prepared for any unexpected weather disaster. Whether it is harsh winds, rain, or extreme heat from the sun, our stage cover rentals cater to it all. Hiring this stage cover will enable your performers to be in their best condition. Thus, allowing them to rock it on stage! So, this stage cover hire is a staging accessory which considers safety and practicality.

In addition, the benefit of our stage hire rentals is how they help to minimise damage. For events that have sound and lighting equipment, coverage is a must! With event equipment being very expensive, you want to minimise as much water damage as possible. The stage covering material we have solves this problem as it provides roof coverage to your equipment; we can also provide side covering too for an additional cost. Furthermore, our stage cover rentals are the best way to minimise accidents. This is because it reduces the chances of performers slipping over when wet or from heat exhaustion on summer days. So, if you were wanting the ultimate protection for your event, our outdoor stage cover is the way to go. 

Stage covering material

Our stage cover hire comes in two different types: marquee covers and truss covers. The truss covers are great for events where there is a specific stage lighting design in mind. This is because the truss structure is made out of aluminum alloys that have three chords; these chords are also connected via a diagonal structure. Due to this, a truss covered stage allows for lighting and sound equipment to be hung. With the roof coverage being a black tarp, it ensures that your performers are protected from the heat. This type of stage cover rental is very common in the event industry. So, if you were wanting cover and a specific entertainment set-up, this truss stage cover hire is the one for you.

Alternatively, the marquee stage cover hire is great for those who are solely after some protection from the weather. The stage covering material of our marquees are pvc (polyvinyl chloride). As a result, you will get a white stage covering that is durable, heavy-duty, and robust. These properties ensure that you get the best protection from the weather. Even better, our team installs guards and gutters to provide drainage for rain. Moreover, this white stage covering is renowned for its great weather protection. So, our stage covering material ensures that you have an efficiently covered stage. 

Our range

Best of all, both of these outdoor stage cover hire come in an array of sizes. Therefore, we can provide an effective stage cover hire that suits a variety of stages. These stage covers are functional, practical, safe, and affordable. They are a great complement to our outdoor stage hire. Thus, you can get all your event staging hire Sydney needs in one place! To see more of our stage hire options, press here.

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