Outdoor LED Screen Hire

Festivals and community events need one thing to make their entertainment come together: Outdoor LED Screens. Our outdoor LED screen hire are the best accompaniment to any occasion that is under the sun. Whether it is needed to provide information or show audiences the action on stage, this LED screen rental is perfect. 

Our range

Our range of LED screens for outdoors enables us to provide hiring services to different types of events. This is because we have four different sizes in our outdoor LED screen rentals. The sizes range from 1.28m x 2.56m and go up to 5.12m x 2.56m. As a result, we have stock which caters to those who desire a small or big LED screen hire. Best of all, these screens fall under the P5 category. This means that the distance between the LED lights are 5mm apart. As a result, our outdoor LED screen rentals are viewable from further distances. 

In addition, these screens have LED technology which makes the visual screen come to life. The LED properties of our screens means that it can display images and videos in outdoor conditions. This is because the brightness properties of the LED lights allows them to be viewable in the sun. Due to this, your images are broadcasted at impeccable distances without compromising on quality. So, our outdoor LED screen hire is perfect for your next event. To see more of our LED screen products, press here.


Wondering what cables and power sources are required for our outdoor led screens? Well, in terms of cabling, our outdoor LED screen hire is compatible with a HDMI output. By having this output, you can connect a range of devices. For instance, HDMI is compatible with laptops and computers, digital cameras, gaming consoles, TVS, and more. Best of all, we include the HDMI cabling with all our outdoor LED screen hire. That’s right! Our small and big LED screen prices include a HDMI cable. So, regardless of whether you hire a small or big LED screen hire, we have you covered.  

In terms of power, our outdoor LED screen rentals require a 15 amp to operate. However, more power may be required for our big LED screen hire. If you do not have these power sources, no need to stress. At Truck Stage hire, we have a product range that covers all your outdoor LED screen rentals. For further details about how to hire our power generators, contact Truck Stage Hire. For our contact details, click here.

Above all, we have all your event needs covered as we are an event and led screen rental company. Since we have a quality team that is highly experienced, you can count on us to provide top quality outdoor LED screen rentals. With our delivery service, Truck Stage Hire ensures that you have a LED screen rental near me. 

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