Mobile LED Screen Hire

Our mobile LED screen hire range is designed to make your job as an organiser as simple as possible! These portable LED screens combine the best LED technology with practicality. Because of this ease of use, this screen is ideal for events with specific timings. They are also ideal for those who need to move a screen during an event; for instance, they are great for broadcasting information during marathons and other sporting events. In addition, they can be hired for extended periods of time at an extra cost. Due to this flexibility, they are ideal for community events and corporate ones too.

Our range

Included in our mobile LED screen hire are two types of screens: trailer screens and truck screens. The advantage of hiring our trailer screens is how convenient they are. With a central locking system on the wheels, the trailer can be placed in public areas. This is ideal for those who are looking to place their LED display screens in tight-knit areas. Whereas our truck screens are an ideal choice for those looking for options. This is because our truck screens come with either a single or multiple LED display screens. As a result, this is a great option for anyone who is after an impactful, big LED screen hire. In short, our mobile outdoor LED screen rentals are great for any event. These LED display screens are perfect for those after an extended LED screen hire. 

Our screens come with adequate LED technology and P6 pixel quality. This means that these portable screens bring the best of both worlds for any host: a top quality visual screen that is easy and highly practical. With this being viewable from larger distances, it is ideal for outdoor movie nights, concerts, festivals, sporting competitions, and advertising. These mobile LED screens are great for those events where you need to display information, advertise sponsors or display live videos. Thus, these LED display screens are a portable, efficient, and practical option. To see more of our LED screen products, press here.

Installation and Delivery

Since our portable screens come on a trailer or truck, the installation process is simply effortless. Either mount the trailer to the vehicle or drive our LED truck screens and viola: you have your LED display screen on site! The great part of this LED screen hire is that you put it exactly where you want it; so long as the vehicle and screen can fit, you can place the LED display screen where you desire. Best of all, we can install it for you too! We have a team at hand, ready to help you with any small or large LED screen rental. Since we can deliver it for you, we take the stress from you.* So, our delivery service ensures that you have an LED screen rental near me.

* Delivery (including pick up) will be at an additional cost. Pricing will vary depending on location, event timings, and event date.

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  • tsh200-mobile-screen-hire

    TSH200 Hire

    Mobile LED Screen Hire $1,170.00
  • tsh600-mobile-led-screen-hire

    TSH600 Hire

    Mobile LED Screen Hire $1,980.00
  • tsh2500-outdoor-led-advertising-screen

    TSH2500 Hire

    Mobile LED Screen Hire $2,640.00
  • tsh3500-screen-led-banner-mobile-hiretsh3500-screen-led-banner-mobile-hire

    TSH3500 Hire

    Mobile LED Screen Hire $3,600.00
  • tsh-1700-trailer-screen-hire

    TSH1700 Hire

    Mobile LED Screen Hire $3,960.00
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