LED Screen Hire

LED screen hire is a crucial part to large events. While it may seem like you can go without these screens, they are an important part to making your event successful. They are a perfect accompaniment to any event that has a large surface area to cover. For instance, these LED screens would suit award ceremonies, corporate events, festivals, community events or even sporting fan days. They are a great display option which can advertise companies, sponsors, information or even broadcast your event live. This will elevate your event to a high standard and help it run smoothly. Therefore, our LED wall for hire are a fantastic edition to your next event.

The screens will no doubt help to make your event run with ease. This is because their versatility means that they are an easy way to display information to the crowd. With these LED screens having a variety of functions, they are highly practical. They can display text, live videos, social media feeds and images too. Due to this, these LED screens for hire Sydney are a fantastic way to get messages across to attendees. Moreover, they can be used for practical purposes such as providing information about an event. In addition, the LED light properties add a vibrantly aesthetic touch to your event. This will make the images and text on your screen pop – it’s vibrancy will draw the crowds’ eyes to the screen. Remember, it is the little details that count which will make your event one to never forget! Therefore, enquire now about our led screen hire Sydney today.

Our LED Screen Range

At Truck Stage Hire Sydney, we aim to provide a full comprehensive service to our customers. Because of this, we have four different types of screens: DJ Booth LED Screens, LED Screens for indoors, LED Screens for outdoors and Portable LED Screens. Whether you have an event indoor, outdoors or is at a venue, we can provide an LED screen for it all. Included in these four categories are a range of sizes too. As a result, we have the range and variety which can suit your event needs.

Better yet, we can also provide delivery, as well as installation, to Sydney metropolitan regions – and even surrounding areas too.* So, enquire with our friendly staff about our LED screen hire Sydney now – get in quick before it gets hired out! For details on how to contact us, press here.

*Delivery costs will depend on location, date, and event timings.

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